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your options in caterers and catered foods

Preparing and cooking food for a hundred people was not something that I was prepared to do. I didn't have the supplies, kitchen space or energy to even consider doing so. As I was talking with some friends trying to get them to help, we decided to start looking into some catering options instead of doing all of the work ourselves. I had no idea that there were so many types of caterers that prepared such a wide variety of foods. That is why I created my blog to help others considering using a catering service to prepare the food for their next party.


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your options in caterers and catered foods


How To Improve Your Restaurant's Burgers

Burgers are a simple, all American dish. It's the quality of the ingredients and the method of preparation that elevates them to a delicious, classic favorite. Make your burgers a customer favorite by making a few simple changes that will have a big payoff in terms of taste. Here are four ways you can improve the burgers you serve in your restaurant: 1. Offer different varieties of cheese. Cheese can make any basic burger even better.