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Preparing and cooking food for a hundred people was not something that I was prepared to do. I didn't have the supplies, kitchen space or energy to even consider doing so. As I was talking with some friends trying to get them to help, we decided to start looking into some catering options instead of doing all of the work ourselves. I had no idea that there were so many types of caterers that prepared such a wide variety of foods. That is why I created my blog to help others considering using a catering service to prepare the food for their next party.


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your options in caterers and catered foods

Ways To Have A More Authentic Experience When Ordering Spanish Takeout Food

by Roope Hanninen

Spanish cuisine is unique and delicious. Of course, the most authentic way to experience it is at a restaurant, but what if you can order takeout? There are still some things you can do to have a more authentic experience when enjoying Spanish takeout cuisine with friends.

Order foods to share.

In Spain, it is typical for people to share dishes when they order at a restaurant. In other words, instead of each person ordering their own dish, the group would order a selection of dishes to share. You can do the same thing when you order takeout cuisine. A good guideline is to order one dish per person, plus an extra dish. Some people are sure to prefer different dishes than others, but everyone can try all of the dishes and expand their palate a little. Spanish dishes are typically made to be easy to share. For example, if you order croquettes, there will be numerous small croquettes in the order, so everyone can try one or two. If you order camarones, which are shrimp, you can expect a good number of small shrimp.

Drink some red wine or cider with it.

In Spain, red wine is called "vino tinto" and it is typically enjoyed alongside a meal. Another popular beverage, especially in the region surrounding Madrid, is cider. It's a cider made from apples, but it is much dryer than American cider. Drinking either of these beverages alongside your takeout will make for a more authentic Spanish experience. If you can't find Spanish cider, dry English cider is a reasonable substitute. Most wine stores carry plenty of Spanish red wines, though.

Order some seafood, cheese, and beef.

Seafood, cheese, and beef are all really popular in Spanish cuisine, and no takeout order is complete without a dish containing each one! When it comes to cheese, you can order queso manchego, which is a typical Spanish sheep's cheese usually enjoyed as an appetizer. For your seafood dish, try sepia a la plancha, which is fried cuttlefish, or calamari frita, a fried calamari. For your beef dish, try some cabeza, which is stewed beef cheek, a delicacy that is incredibly tender and delicious.

If you follow the guidelines above, you should have a more authentic experience when enjoying Spanish takeout food. With some red wine or cider, dishes to share, and plenty of cheese, seafood, and beef, you are in for a great evening.