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Preparing and cooking food for a hundred people was not something that I was prepared to do. I didn't have the supplies, kitchen space or energy to even consider doing so. As I was talking with some friends trying to get them to help, we decided to start looking into some catering options instead of doing all of the work ourselves. I had no idea that there were so many types of caterers that prepared such a wide variety of foods. That is why I created my blog to help others considering using a catering service to prepare the food for their next party.


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your options in caterers and catered foods

How To Improve Your Restaurant's Burgers

by Roope Hanninen

Burgers are a simple, all American dish. It's the quality of the ingredients and the method of preparation that elevates them to a delicious, classic favorite. Make your burgers a customer favorite by making a few simple changes that will have a big payoff in terms of taste. Here are four ways you can improve the burgers you serve in your restaurant:

1. Offer different varieties of cheese.

Cheese can make any basic burger even better. American cheese is commonly used because it melts easily, and it's inexpensive. However, there are so many better-tasting cheeses available. Treat your customers to a better flavor experience by offering different varieties of cheese. Swiss, provolone, pepperjack, and bleu cheese all have distinctive flavor profiles. Allow customers to choose the cheese they prefer to customize their burger.

2. Never cut the meat with fillers.

Some restaurant owners add breadcrumbs, eggs, and other fillers to hamburgers in order to encourage adhesion and lower the cost of each patty. This is a common practice, but it lowers the quality of your burger. Patties made with things besides meat don't have the same rich, hearty flavor. It may cost a little more, but your customers will taste the difference when you make your burger patties with nothing but high-quality ground beef and seasoning.

3. Invest in hamburger moulder equipment.

There's nothing more disappointing than taking a bite of a hamburger and getting a mouthful of nothing but bread. A burger should be large enough to fill the entire bun. When hamburger patties are shaped by hand, there will be some inevitable amount of size variation. This can lead to a disappointing experience for your customer. Invest in hamburger moulder equipment that will standardize the shape and size of your patties. Hamburger moulder equipment is easy to use. Your employees will save time when they use it, and it can simplify their jobs.

4. Cook your burger patties over an open flame.

Burgers cooked over an open flame have a deep, smoky flavor that can't be achieved any other way. Cook your burger patties on a grill over an open flame for the best tasting product. This method of cooking will leave attractive grill marks on the surface of your patties. It will also allow some of the meat patty's natural fat to drip off, which will keep the burger from getting too soggy once it's finally assembled.