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your options in caterers and catered foods

Preparing and cooking food for a hundred people was not something that I was prepared to do. I didn't have the supplies, kitchen space or energy to even consider doing so. As I was talking with some friends trying to get them to help, we decided to start looking into some catering options instead of doing all of the work ourselves. I had no idea that there were so many types of caterers that prepared such a wide variety of foods. That is why I created my blog to help others considering using a catering service to prepare the food for their next party.


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your options in caterers and catered foods


Make These Requests When You Order A Brisket

If you're getting into the pastime of smoking meats on a smoker in your backyard, you'll want to get acquainted with your local meat market. It will carry a wide selection of meats that you can buy to cook low and slow. One popular cut of meat is the beef brisket, which many smoking aficionados enjoy attempting to master. A properly cooked brisket can be the star attraction at your backyard gathering.

Successful Catering For Large Parties With Many Dietary Restrictions

Planning catering for a party, reception, or other event is difficult enough when the event is small, and as the guest list grows, the planning only grows more complicated. It's not just personal tastes that you have to consider but allergies, medical dietary restrictions, and religious restrictions. Catering companies have become very good at creating food that meets certain restrictions, and if you work with them, you'll likely be able to cover all your food-related bases.

Tips For Handling The Rush As A Drive-Thru Barista

In some ways, working as a barista at a drive-through coffee shop is preferable to working at a typical, dine-in coffee shop. You don't have to keep tables clean or bring drinks to customers' tables. But when it's the morning rush and everyone is stopping for coffee on their way to work, keeping people moving through the drive-thru line quickly can be tough. Here are some tips to help you handle that rush hour with speed and grace when you're working as a barista at a drive-thru coffee shop.