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Preparing and cooking food for a hundred people was not something that I was prepared to do. I didn't have the supplies, kitchen space or energy to even consider doing so. As I was talking with some friends trying to get them to help, we decided to start looking into some catering options instead of doing all of the work ourselves. I had no idea that there were so many types of caterers that prepared such a wide variety of foods. That is why I created my blog to help others considering using a catering service to prepare the food for their next party.


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your options in caterers and catered foods

Three Tips To Care For Your Restaurant Refrigeration

by Roope Hanninen

When you own a restaurant or any other sort of food business, you owe yourself the opportunity to take advantage of food service management. These services are provided by professionals who can do everything from helping you store your food to promoting your business. With this in mind, one of the greatest reasons you can get in touch with these contract food service management companies is to have them maintain and repair your food storage appliances -- particularly, the commercial refrigerator. You can get the most of your food storage by following some of these steps below. 

#1: Add Longevity To Your Refrigerator By Watching The Temperature 

A common costly mistake make by refrigerator owners is keeping the refrigerator temperature too low. Many people like to know that their fridge is working by putting it on its coldest settings. This will work out in the short term, but will cause your refrigerator to expend too much energy and burn out over time. As a rule of thumb, you should maintain temperatures that range between 37 and 40 degrees inside of your refrigerator. If you want to maintain your freezer, it should stay at 0 degrees, for the best performance. 

#2: Take Great Care Of Your Coils

When your refrigerator is not getting cool enough, sometimes this is due to the condenser coils being too clogged and dirty. Do yourself a favor and have these coils thoroughly cleaned twice every year. You can split these cleanings based on season, every spring and summer for instance, in order to make sure that you remember. When cleaning these coils, make sure that you use a long bristle brush, along with a vacuum cleaner, in order to suck up all of the debris that may cling to the coils over time. 

#3: Get A Maintenance Plan For Your Refrigerator From A Food Service Management Professional

Professional maintenance is one of the best things for your refrigerator, especially since you use it for your business. In order to get the best out of your refrigerator maintenance, you will need to sign up for a plan that a professional can help you with. They will carry out periodic repairs throughout the life of your refrigerator, and will keep it in the best possible condition. This frequent maintenance plan lets you get the maximum out of your refrigerator, which will, in turn help you to keep it longer. 

Take these tips into account, so that you will get the best out of your refrigerator.  For more information, talk to contract food service managements.